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Vision is precious to us all. As we age, we often become concerned about changes in our vision that could deprive us of the precious gift of sight.

Many vision changes are normal and can be easily corrected with spectacles, contact lenses, or vision correction surgery. With early diagnosis and today’s advanced technology, vision loss from other problems can often be prevented or corrected.

Shaw eyecare has been providing quality eyecare in Ayrshire for over 40 years.

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Duty of Candour

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Free Eye Test In Scotland

It was announced in 2006 that everyone living in Scotland would receive a free eye test through the NHS.

As well as a free eye test, you may also be entitled to some help with the purchase of glasses or contact lenses, if you are:

  • Under 16 or under 19 and still in full time education
  • In need of complex lenses
  • Receiving Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit (and are named on a NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate)
  • You are named on a valid HC2 or HC3 certificate