Contact lenses

If you already wear contact lenses or are considering changing from spectacles, Shaweyecare can provide you with comprehensive vision care.

Compared to spectacles, contact lenses can provide:

  • a natural cosmetic appearance
  • more convenient vision for sports and activities
  • more complete peripheral vision
  • in certain cases, better vision than spectacles

Our Contact Lens service offers:

  • comprehensive eye exams
  • contact lens evaluations
  • contact lens fittings and follow up visits
  • training in lens insertion, removal and care
  • comprehensive selection of both soft and rigid contact lenses
  • bifocal or monovision options for combined distance and near correction

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Nocturnal Contacts

Over 40 years ago, opticians discovered that it was possible to use contact lenses to reshape the cornea and correct the eyes resolving power. Unfortunately, back then, there were only the old-fashioned hard contact lenses, which meant that it was impossible to provide an individual solution without using a series of contact lenses. This made the process too inconvenient to be put to widespread use.

The arrival of precision technology and gas permeable lenses, however, means we are now able to engineer advanced individual lenses that gently correct your eyesight as you sleep.

Nocturnal lenses provide the desired result literally overnight so that you can see clearly without the blind spots caused by or lens edges.

The fitting of nocturnal follows a similar procedure to conventional contact lenses. A corneal topographer is used to map the exact contours of the eye using thousands of points of reference. This data is then used to produce individually tailored lenses to suit your precise needs. The topographer is also used to check the eye and changes can be made to the shape of the lenses if required.

Recent studies show that the changes on the cornea caused with Nocturnal™ lenses may actually reduce short sight progression, making them an optimum correction for children.

For more information visit the nocturnal website.